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What Makes A Good Soldier?

Discussion in 'Military Life' started by Nate, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. There are many things that make a good soldier but I feel that I have lost some of those things. By far the first thing and the most important are reacting without thinking. A soldier is given drills so they don’t have think it just happens, for example using your rifle you shouldn’t have think about how to work it or fix a problem with it due to it has be drilled in to your head. I found myself fumbling with my rifle at the end of my last tour like it was a new piece of kit to me.
    Another good thing is to know when to lead but still be able to fallow. I have a hard time fallowing now because of some of the leadership I have had on my two tours. On my last tour my troop leader knew it all because he had read a couple of books on Afghanistan and all of the work up training we had done. Some leadership can’t find the time to stop and listen to someone lower then them because their way is always going to be the right way.
    You must be able to jump when told to jump and if you didn’t jump high enough be able to take the yelling that will fallow. Please know you must be unable to think for yourself, that is why you have leadership but once you make your way up the ranks you might turn in to a retard because of the years that you weren’t aloud to think for your self.
    I am not a good soldier anymore because I can not react in the right way, when I hear that bang I freeze and don’t want to fight. When I am push around my insides want to fight but I feel that I will go to far due to I am not in a war zone anymore.
  2. I am with you, that is why I talk a bigtalk but I might go out of the house ounce a week to a sweat or something. I have lost it to many times that it is not worth it. I knocked around a police officer over my ex of course he was in plain close and didn't bother showing a badge till I left him laying on the asphalt at a BP gas station. There have been many times after that before I got smart because all the johns out there have some kinda chip on there shoulder expecially the minute they find out your a vet then they buy a drink or two but there is always that one that just has to know if he can whip a killer wether you used lethal force or not. So I cann't enjoy an evening out at th pub with myfiance. So what used to be a tuff combat engineer zapper is a big pussy I'm afraid of noise, people, my reaction to situations, and sharks. Don't get me wrong sharks are beautiful I just don't like swimming in their bathtub and if you know anything about somolia mainly tigers and bulls if you could just train them they are very affective soldiers they sure can mess up a night recon. The pirates trained them if a patrol boat found thein the night they would through all the slaves overboard of could not swim thus creating man eaters. I got an article 15 right before I got ou for striking a superior NCO he had it coming he was and E6 and had never got a combat patch and they put in charge of my team and since he was the only one without a patch and I lead my team as an E4 because clinton downsized he was jelious. These last few weeks I havnt even to handle my own child crying. sorry for th whine. TEX
  3. Are you still in the military Nate?
  4. Yes I am at the time but on my way out. I should be medically released within the next 1 to 2 years whenever the paper work is sorted out. They keep messing up on it or losing it.
  5. We all break Nate... it doesn't make you any lesser soldier, it just means you have done your time.
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  6. Nate, some times a person kill book just get full and that don't mean body count. I have a friend that is an elder of the Spokane Indian tribe he was a sniper at the first taking of hamburger hill and he always talks about one shot he took alls he could see was the knee of the VC soldier so he took the shot and he had to watch this enemy wiggle and cry never giving a kill shot. Nobody would rescue him for fear of the snipers it does something to a man to see what you have done. After they took the hill the goverment decided to abandon the hill only to want it back weeks later. My friend we call them unkles then not sniping just a grunt had to take that same hill again. Unkle lost a lot of friends and did his fair share of killing. Unkles kill book was full he is the son of the last traditional medicine man of his tribe. He should have came back and learned the ways of medicine instead he drank, drugged, and chased women for a lot of years his father grew old and passed away with all of the old ways. This was in one tour 1 year and his book was full. He does not drink or drug anymore but he always regrets passing up the old ways. Nate you have given enough I would concider you a great soldier. I have only served 1 tour in somolia I don't think my book is full but the psyciatrist say other wise. You are not week especially that you can admit these things to brothers at heart but strangers to face. You are figureing out your challenges now so that will help finish the game. Sem eh spa oos (it's whats in your heart).

    Lem Lem Stupia (thankyou creator of all things) even warriors.
  7. Tex
    Thank you for the heart felt words.
  8. Nate, in traditional Native American beleif we follow the red road the road of life. For you on this road you have hit a curve. The honor that you have shown me in your writings makes me feel that you only have to choose the best path for you to get around that curve because only you can walk the road for you. Brother I have faith that your path that you choose will be the right one. It will be hard but things that are not worked for hold no value. We are all rooting for you. Just remember what is in your heart and not your head because it is clouded but not absent.

    Lem Lem Stupia

    I'm traditional Native American and I know that my beliefs are differant than some so if I offend anyone because of religious statements in some of my writings I am not sorry, but let me know and I will try to keep the beliefs out. I learn these wisdoms from warriors from way back they are handed down in song and stories. I just don't want to cause tension.
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  9. Nate how you been. Just checking you didn't run off to some tropical island![​IMG]
  10. Wish I did we just got dumped on with snow!!
  11. Nate,
    We had snow already but now it is just damn cold.
  12. I would take the danm cold rather then snow, don't have to shovel the cold.

  13. I hate both ! I like it about 80 F with a breeze.
  14. Hi Nate, I'm kinda new to the forum so forgive me :p

    I once had a soldier above me say that if you aren't an asset, then you are a liability. So my question to you is, are you still an asset to your unit?

    Freezing in combat isn't the WORST thing a soldier can do, this action can actually save lives in certain situations(friendly fire?).

    IMO if you can save the life if the man next to you, or save the mind of the man next to you by providing friendship, or a morale boost during a very stressful time, then you are as much an asset as the man who can shoot perfectly, or who never fumbles with their rifle.

    There were so many times that i wish i had friends who could open up the way YOU just did on this forum, while in a combat zone.

    Never be afraid to use your mind.. and please know that no man is perfect, especially when they are put in command, being hesitant to follow orders comes with experience, and that is executing general authority over those who are incompetent.

    Never be afraid to second guess your judgment if you know its the right thing, we were all trained to do ONE thing, but unfortunately ONE thing is never the only correct thing.
    wow hope that made some sense
  15. Richard,
    You made perfect sense. I have found it really easy to open up on this forum but when it comes to opening up to people around me I find it hard. My wife doesn't know the half of things that run through my head and when she asks what is wrong I just don't have the heart to out and out that I just want to reach out a grab someone by the neck and beat the F**K out of them.
    I know I haven't posted in a couple of weeks but I am in a very hard time right now and having a hard time to get my thoughts out, even on paper.

    Thank you for the post Richard it really gives me something to think about.
  16. Nate is it still cold up there. And how the f*ck are you?
  17. Well yes it is still cold, it was starting to get warmer all the snow was gone then friday came. We got dumped on, i think we got 10 to 12 in. It really sucked!!
    Things are okay just moving along lke an inch worm. Starting EMDR therapy and man is that shit carzy and really wears me out for the next couple of days. Hope it helps!!
    Things are just spinning.

  18. Sorry to hear about the snow we have had sun chased by wind and rain. An hour of warm tshirt weather then starts pissing just as it gets warm.

    I get really drawn down with any of the prolonged therapy. Usually by about the third or fourth session I am mentally drained. Which is funny people ask me why I'm physically exausted while I do any treatment coarses. Hell I don't even know why I suffer the physical exaustion.

    I hope this emdr coarse works.
  19. I did some EMDR and once or twice it did resolve some bad dreams. The ones that sneak up on you that you had long forgotten are the worst. But EMDR is a lot of work and it just doesn't last for a while. Don't mean to discourage you. I understand some feel "cured." I think those are ones who had fewer memories to deal with or just advertising.

    I find that spinning feeling slow down when I immerse myself in something else. painting, playing guitar, writing something. Staying busy helps s long as it is a somewhat relaxing busy, easy and simple.
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