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My Combat PTSD is for combat veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) only, not that you served in the military and have PTSD, but you physically deployed to a combat zone itself and were either land or sea based (in direct naval or air support), and you have PTSD as a direct result of your combat service. No exceptions! This community IS NOT for spouses, family or friends of veterans. Spouses, family and friends can find support at

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Understanding Ptsd

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Anthony, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Anthony, my girlfriend bought this ebook for me, by a Brit bloke, I don't want to get you into trouble by just copying it so:

    Coping with PTSD

    Martyn J. Symons 2009

    Costs about a fiver
  2. Removed link, as it was dead and went nowhere.
  3. Bugger. My fault should've checked the link.


    Can't find the book I've got on it any more but will carry on digging.
    If nobody is claiming ownership of it any longer then sod it, I think everyone should have a chance to look at it.
  4. I hate that website... it annoys me trying to just read it.
  5. Er, yep. They do have a bit to learn. Might try pulling some grown-up texts out of it.
  6. anthony i didnt read your post im new i dont know how to do everything yet but im learning here that the brain is affected from ptsd i found my son hung my best friend i dont think ill ever be normal again my other kids say im emotionally dead dont talk to me bc i dont meet what they expect whatever that is also lost my daughter krissy to suicide my dr wants me to go in hospital now but i hate going there but im really sad nikkigirl
  7. i just joined tonight bc my dr says i have ptsd i have flashbacks constantly im sick of taking meds i tried to go to the grocery store the other day i was shaking so bad i felt faint i have no idea why i am like this i am friendly well liked but feel nothing for anybody much anymore i feel numb i want my son back my other kids dont talk to me im raising joeys son thats ok bc all i ever wanna do is stay in i used to love to shop i loved clothes boots jeweerly i still do but im always scared and i dont understand it my dr is afraid im gonna follow joey i just want the pain to stop and flashbacks do they ever go away
  8. imnot so great with a computer like i wanna change the font and write in red i screw it up lol have patience ill get better at it just wanna learn to help myself my son is on my mind constantly and daughter hate what happened i keep asking why
  9. Hello Nikkigirl,

    This is a Veteran only Combat PTSD site. There is a sister site connected with this one "PTSD FORUM" please join there and have Anthony delete your account here. Believe me you don't want anything to do with this site if you are not a combat veteran.

    I understand how you feel and wish you the best of luck in the future. Congratulations on taking the first steps and trying to get help.

    Take care
  10. Hello Nikkigirl. I can only second what Wagon said. Really, the sister site PTSD FORUM has loads of people who will be only too willing to help you. Which we wouldn't be much good at. Take care.
  11. Is it possible for ptsd to gradually worsen by staying in a combat zone??? I was hit by an ied a few weeks ago and i obviously have not felt like myself since the incident. and as i read the symptoms on the site i am feeling these more as everyday passes. And i guess i have a feeling that if i keep convoying my situation is only going to worsen.. please help me with your comments and oppinions. i feel like my loyalty is here with my other troops and when asked i say i am good to go but i know i am not. So i am at a loss and dont know what to do.
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  13. Lope:

    See your medical officer NOW! You may have suffered traumatic brain injury. Don't f*ck around soldier -- brain injuries are a serious thing that can cause horrible problems. See the doc NOW.
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  14. Agree with Tim. For your sake and for the sake of those you don't want to let down, see the doc.
    If you know you're not firing on all six and it lets your mates down badly, how will you feel then?
  15. Actually Lope, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is said to be a factor or give a helping hand to people who may suffer PTSD later down the track, and in answer to your question I think yes. The majority of us did not wake up with PTSD after one incident. The symptoms brew and brew until you eventually give in.

    I apparently had PTSD in 2002, but was misdiagnosed. I managed until 2006 when I returned from Iraq.
    The symptoms eventually explode.

    Don't leave it until then mate.
  16. Thank you for your responses.. At first it was just my body aches and what not back and etc... but as each day passes im noticing more issues.. my heart beats rapidly as i lay in bed. every loud noise i hear makes me jump. i haven't slept in 3 days i look at the clock everyhour all night long, and i feel like a loose cannon... normally i am a very controlled person but i have snapped on a few people for no apparent reason and had no control over it. it just happened... What i really wonder is if staying in theater is only going to keep making this worse or if i need to get the hell out somehow before i get home to my family and can't hold it together like i once did.. I am a thinking man and the best way i think is that if you take a crackhead or an alcoholic and tell them they need to recover but have to stay living in their same atmosphere alcy at the bar and crackhead at the crackhouse. they never will.. i see myself only continuing to get worse the longer i stay.. please if anyone could tell me their thoughts on this... I just want to feel like myself and im going down the wrong path right now. i am a controlled person and i feel like im losing control of myself... please help..
  17. i did have a tbi.. and im still receiving treatment for the concussion.. but i am being pressured on all angles to get back on the horse.. and i dont know what to do... i know im fucked up.. ive had a headache for 15 days straight now.. and im confused.. i just need help with all this shit it's stressin me out.
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  18. Take this information to your medical officer and GET TREATMENT. After TBI, many secondary injuries can appear. Some of them can be fatal... Please for your and your loved ones' sake get to your combat support hospital. They may give you an MRI to see if there is any major brain trauma. Long term severe headaches are a significant warning sign of hidden troubles. Don't leave this situation to guesswork. Better safe than sorry...
  19. i have been at the combat support hospital.. and they seem to be the only ones not pressurring me. but it is very hard to talk to them about what is going on with me.. the whole trust thing... i freeze up and can't express myself... i know things keep getting worse with me... and i fear stayin here in theatre they are only going to continue to get worse with the added stress... but i feel like if i leave im leaving my troops behind but im taking care of myself too. i am worthese ried more about the future of my life and not bring things home to my family. so i just doint know what to do... im being pulled in 2 different directions and i am really at a loss for the situation. and they have done an mri and nothing seemed to turn any heads, which i was happy to hear.. but these constand headaches and crazy anxiety that ive never had have to stop.. and i just dont see it happening here in theatre so what do i do??
  20. Go back to the CASH and explain your symptoms to the docs. They will get you the meds you need. They will prescribe light duties for you until you are well enough to go on full duties. Your chain of command is required to respect the directives of the medical officers. Also, have a chat with you unit chaplain.

    Look after yourself & good luck!