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The Beast That Shouted Love At Me

Discussion in 'Helplessness' started by Zipperhead, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Hey Zip

    Thanks for sharing how you feel, I can understand that. A very soul searching thread.

    Sherman said it; 'War is Hell'. But more than that it puts us all in Hell. One we are trapped in with no way out. To live knowing what we have done and for what?
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  2. Wagon talks sense up there to me. Or my version of it anyway.
  3. That's a very profound statement, Jar. We march right in to hell and there's no exit signs. Jesus, I'll have to think about that one. Well done!

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  4. Hell is not punishment.......It's training.
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  5. Hell! Where Airbourne regroup
  6. Where Squids slack off and smoke.
  7. Thanks for touching on the hatred issue. I've had trouble articulating it until I heard a quote somewhat recently: "The opposite of love is not hatred. It's apathy."

    That's it. I either feel hatred or apathy towards the people I encounter. I have hatred down to an art form. I'm such a morbid, sadistic bitch that I actually enjoy verbally abusing people who care about me and making them feel like shit. They just never understand that's my way of showing that I care too, that I feel something for them in the only way I still know how to feel.
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  8. Sounds like something to work on. I don't think you enjoy abusing people Raven. The Beast has a field day with it I know.

    Saying "I'm a morbid, sadistic bitch" only reinforces the image of yourself. You are something more and that other nasty part is not you. It is something else that you have not cracked yet.

    I used to sit around and think "I'm a damaged piece of shit that should not have contact with humanity". I'm working on that. One way I've found to feel a bit better is to get out and try to socialize a bit more......and be positive about it. Well what do you know, I have some new friends now.Not saying I don't fall down...weekly, daily, sometimes by the hour.

    Accepting negative images of yourself is letting the beast win. He loves that shit. Keep fighting!!!!!! Down with the Beast!

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  9. Amen sister!
  10. Ram a pole up the Beast's ass -- just like Vlad the Impaler did with his enemies. IMPALE the Beast!