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Snorting Sublingual Ativan?

Discussion in 'Therapy / Medications' started by FUBAR, May 24, 2012.

  1. My sublingual Ativan takes around 10-20 minutes to kick in, and when you're having a panic attack, that's a damn long time. One of my friends told me it would hit my bloodstream faster if I crushed it and snorted it. Sounds crazy but I'm willing to try it but I'm not sure it's a good idea - don't want to f*ck up my nose or waste my medication if it's not going to work.
  2. It's a benzo mate and if it were able to be taken any other way it would be written on the bottle or packet.

    You won't get a drug for anxiety that works much faster.

    I often wake in the middle of the night with panic pains in my chest, so I have learnt to use deep breathing first and if that don't work, then I take Xanax. Try not to rely on it other wise it will become an addiction.

    Just my opinion.
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  3. It is. Don't.
  4. You would think if it was meant to be snorted, it would come in a powder form.

    This friend of yours Fubar mucker, A real good mate is he, not a junkie? can`t imagine why someone would suggest it otherwise.

    All snorting anything every done, was damage the sensitive parts of the nostrils. 20 min may seem long but take the wait mate. If you are out and about and have an attack, it only takes 1 wrong person to see you snort something, and of you go with some nice bling onyour wrist and a nice fancy taxi with cool flashing lights.
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  5. Dissolve it under your tongue, against the big exposed veins.
  6. I thought this was appropriate

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  7. No, definitely don't. The only way you will get it any faster than sublingual is by injection.
  8. You CAN insuflate ativan. It's not chock full of fillers that will muck up your nasal passages but, Should you is another question. Snorting will shorten the length of time t effects you but it will also release it immediatley into your system. Much faster than oral ingestion.
    Snorting though as a whole can lead to problems like deviated septums.
    My personal reccomendation. don't. It's a slippery slope. Get some xanax, alprazolam which is fast acting for panic attacks. I keep a bottle just for such attacks. I'll take one, smoke a quick bowl to calm down for the 5-10 while the zany kicks in.
    Find what works for you but at least use as directed.
  9. Yeah, the only thing that works instantly for me is weed, but there's a lot of situations - like work! - that it's not an option. Although Angle is right, snorting white powder will be very easily misunderstood... but I wasn't planning on doing it in full sight. Just a bathroom or something. But if it'll damage my nostrils or whatnot then I wouldn't want to do it. It's just it's very easy for me to get suicidal during panic attacks and all it takes is one long panic attack to throw me into a deep depression or to ramp up my anxiety out of fear of another one, and I just thought if there was any way to head it off at the pass with a way to make the med work faster... Because seriously its not the depression, the nightmares, the flashbacks, the hyperalertness, or anything else to do with my PTSD that gets to me the most and makes me want to end it all... it's the panic attacks. I just can't fucking handle them.
  10. Good site here Fubar cocker, full of brothers who have been there. I know from personal experience it is by no means easy.

    Meds do help, finding the right one can take time, but the main thing you have to learn is that you have the control over what you do. (I know easier said than done).

    3 year ago I was cut down by my wife, after she found me hanging in a tree. Today, I don`t want to do it, ask me tomorrow when I feel like shit, But I have learnt to read the signs my body and my brain send out when I am diving. And that is what you have to learn. When you have done that you can steer yourself around a lot of shit that will make you anxious and maybe put you in that frame of mind.

    There will still be the odd time it catches you out, but in the main you will get a grip on it. And when it does catch you with your guard down, at least you will know it is only for a period, and it isn`t what you want.

    But it is a long road. Took 2,5 years of therapie with me to get to a point where I notice a change in myself to be able to avoid stuff. And there are still news signs that I am learning.

    The hardest damn part is wanting to change because you want to. And it is no walk in the park after that, it is damn hard work, but the time does come when you are having more good day`s than bad day`s.

    Hang tough brother
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  11. ok Doc chiming in.. OMFG no dont put that ativan under your tongue....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! taking it normally works... but sublingual no and never break a pill of anything and put it under your tongue...... most everything has some type of coating nowadays... to prolong the effect... speed that up and its a bad recipe... so unless it says sublingual no..

    The symptoms of adverse reactions to Ativan mimic PTSD:
    • confusion, depressed mood, thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself;
    • hyperactivity, agitation, hostility;
    • hallucinations; or
    • feeling light-headed, fainting.
    you don't wanna bring the pain like that.. if it isn't working talk to your Psych... it may feel good but that is a dead end street.. and one there is little control over... and sorry I know your post was future tense, but I dealt with some stuff like that in the hospital before its not pretty...

    Jimmy was spot on... mornings I woke up half cockedk, I took .5mg of Xanax so it was working a lil before I got to work... .. if I got to work and wanted to bite out someones windpipe with my teeth I took another .5mg... (1mg total) it worked fairly fast, I had mornings I knew I needed to premed but not take the downs right away if if I could manage with half...

    Talk to your doc... don't be a casualty... just to be real blunt abt it..
  12. ok even worse I got caught up on someones sublingual comment.. snorting is an accident waiting to happen...not sure you are in the US but in case..

    ok... you can chat with them there if you need immediate help it works believe me

    1-800-273-8255 and Press 1,for the hotline if you get the anxiety up.. call before you peak pls....

    It's all cool man and it was prolly just a question... but the medic in me came out..
  13. Mate, seriously, medication is only a band-aid fix. You have to be careful that the panic attacks don't turn into a full blown panic disorder and things like agoraphobia which a lot of veterans suffer from. The only way around it is to deal with the situation via a psychologist or therapist.

    Just an opinion
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  14. Have to be careful that it doesn't turn into fullblown panic disorder with things like agoraphobia? Haha, sorry, way too late, mate. When I'm not on meds and weed my panic attacks are nearly 24/fucking7 and so severe that I vomit and can't even work or function or do anything but lay on the floor. I'm already agoraphobic and when I'm not on meds its pretty fucking severe. I already have a therapist. I am holding on to life by the skin of my goddamn teeth and the only thing keeping the panic from being so bad I off myself is Ativan and herb.
  15. FUBAR, honestly mate, I have been down that road.

    I used to pull the blinds on my house and lay on a mattress in the middle of the lounge room floor. I would drink and smoke weed from when I first woke up till I went to sleep and that was not often. The only way I could get the groceries done was to be stoned off my brain and on Xanax. I used to also go at 6 am when nobody was around.
    If I needed anything else I sent my boy (I was a single dad). They put me on a PTSD course and one day I actually left early to go home and get stoned and hide. I was diagnosed with agoraphobia and a panic disorder along with all the other symptoms of PTSD.

    You can pull through though mate. I almost lost my boy because child welfare was called in, I was neglecting him and myself. I didn't think I had anything to live for.

    But I made a choice, it was a hard road but it can be done mate.
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  16. I have agoraphobia and it sucks. I take Vistril for panic and sleep. I also take Saphris for the PTSD and nightmares.
    Both affect my vision and ballance. But the Saphris I feel has really helped a lot as the nightmares are mostly gone.

    My advice? You know when your going into a panic situation in advance a lot of the time. Try taking the med BEFORE it happens. I am not saying pop them like candy! I am saying you know your own triggers and how your day is going. You could try to take them in advance and that could help out a lot in the time factor.

    I am living 99% of my time in one room in a big home. If I could get away with it I would be in it even more. If you can drag yourself out trust me you should. I dont like the one room of the house and all. I wish I could change things but this is my current reality. It sucks. Dont start abusing your meds or they will cut you off cold turkey and while the meds are not everything they help out a lot. Think about it.
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  17. Oh god, if I could have the nightmares gone it would be incredible.
  18. have you tried prazosin for nightmares?
  19. I haven't had any meds for nightmares. My doc keeps telling me that meds aren't the answer, therapy is.
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  20. Guess what Fubar. He is right
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