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My Combat PTSD is for combat veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) only, not that you served in the military and have PTSD, but you physically deployed to a combat zone itself and were either land or sea based (in direct naval or air support), and you have PTSD as a direct result of your combat service. No exceptions! This community IS NOT for spouses, family or friends of veterans. Spouses, family and friends can find support at

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Shout Out To Spouses

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by arwarfighter, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. I was sitting watching my wife today, and it occurred to me that she has been an indispensable part of me not being worse off than I am. Granted, things are by no means always perfect. (Reference my posts in other areas of the forum lol) But without her I truly feel that I would be much worse off than I am. Now her father was a recon troop in Nam, so she kinda grew up with the "Cheat-sheet" if you will. But she has been so understanding, supportive, and (maybe most importantly) forgiving. So I just wanted to put this up for others who would like to give their significant other a shout out or a pat on the back.I realize that not everyone has this kind of relationship at home, and I totally get that. My second marriage of ten years ended in divorce after my second tour. But on this thread please keep the comments positive. Thanks and God bless.
  2. I was never sure if the Dumb ones stayed by us ready for the fight, and the smarts ones bugged out and took off or not.

    One thing is for sure. I owe my misses my life. If she hadn`t have found me and brought me back to this world and subsequently had my ass put in a secure clinic, I wouldn`t be here today.

    20 years we have been together, with some real rough times inbetween. 18 or so she has put up with some real bad shit from me.

    We were talking about it the other day, and I came to the conclusion that our Wives, Girlfriends, Spouses or what ever they may be. are the real Special Forces of the Military.

    There is certainly no basic training for them before they come to our units. Where not only do they have to comform to our rules and regulations which are at best vague, they are more often than not there for us as our brothers are. None the wiser as to what we do, why we do it. Just accepting that is how it is.

    I dare say, training to job wise, there are times they go through a lot more shit than we do.

    Any women who marries the Army has my utmost respect.
  3. Mate, I suppose the support side would be the same for both sexes. Anyone that supports their veteran deserves their own medal. I have always said that a partner/spouse/supporter needs very thick skin to stick around.
    My wife left me and I never blamed her. After all, I was not the same person she married when I came home in 2002, and she did give it a go.

    I am still dumbfounded sometimes as to why Margaret married me. I can be a real arsehole.
  4. Yeah after posting this I thought I should have been clearer about the fact that I intended for this to be for men or women who support their vet. In my case it just happens to be a woman.