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Ptsd Service Dogs On Active Duty.

Discussion in 'Military Life' started by Tim &Bailey, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Tim &Bailey

    Tim &Bailey Known Member

    Today was extremely interesting. I have been working on getting Bailey approved by command to be with me everyday at work. I would only be the second guy in the Air Force with one while still serving on active duty.
    Today I had a meeting with the new appointed base psychologist. She is all for the Psych Service Dog program. Command staff including supervisor up thru my group commander are on board with this. Next step is presenting it to the General over the next few weeks. In the mean time I was asked to give a 30-45 minute presentation on PTSD what it has done to my life and how Bailey has helped at our family day in Mid September. My wife was also asked if she would mind speaking on life with a PTSD veteran and what its like living with someone with a service dog. Hell if its only even for a day (they are still processing my MEB) it will raise awareness for others. Maybe it'll help kill some of the stigma associated with PTSD (still) in the military.

    Prayers are welcome and needed please. The hardest part of this will be being in the lime light and making myself and Bailey as transparent as possible while still retaining my privacy. keeping her safe in an industrial setting is my paramount concern. I am at a desk but still work in the Jet shop. So Noise, chemicals and other hazards are still present, just not as much as if I were on the flight line.

    Tim & Bailey
  2. Fargo

    Fargo Established Member

    Tim, that is outstanding! I think it is the best news I have heard all week. Good luck with the General and break a leg with the presentation.

  3. reddevil1111

    reddevil1111 Established Member

    Good Luck and I hope for the best. Even bigger in my mind is helping outers to better understand the stigma related to PTSD and what is really going on. Commands keep the stigma going and try to talk a lot like football coaches. Your are either a team player and in the game or your a waste of air. That mentality needs to change before anything else. We give non stop and in return there is nothing in the end. Nothing even for the hard chargers.
    I really hope you can get some minds to change. I wish you the best Tim!-Dan
  4. Misera1013

    Misera1013 Known Member

    I will keep praying that we can get Bailey there with you. If there is anything that I can do, please let me know. I think something in my area needs to be done also. Hell, these businesses don't even know what a service dog is!
  5. JarHed

    JarHed Established Member Staff Member Moderator

    I think that's wonderful!!! My prayers go out to both you and Bailey.

    I have two dogs and they always know when I'm not at my best. That's when they stay close and provide more comfort and peace than I can explain. They have a greater awareness of things than humans do. Best of luck with the presentation and Good Luck with the General.

    Semper Fi


    P.S. Fred and Sophia (They're my terriers) said to give Bailey a hug for them, also. :)

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