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Navy Seals...

Discussion in 'Anger' started by Ammonthejarhead, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Brothers and Sisters... I have alot of squid friends, I just think its weird that we finally got Osama and then 20 of the SEALS who caught him got killed barely a month later. I had a similar experience from my Force Detachment in Africa hunting down Adid, we got him and now there is only one person left, (I'm not saying who, but I'm sure you can figure it out). Just wondering what everyone else thinks about this...
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  2. Hey Ammon, there lies the problem. It does not matter how many people are removed, there will always be people to replace them. That is why the war on terror will be never ending.
    I am more concerned with our children growing up in this society. Have a look at the 'Recreational Anarchy' in the UK. They should all be lined up against a wall and have rocks thrown at them. We have enough problems in this world. And what did it start over, a father of two who was shot by police. And if my memory is right, he had a gun.

    Sorry about going off track. Somalia was once big f*ck up in my eyes. You will never change the society over there. There will always be someone who thinks his better. That movie 'Blood Diamond' was too close to the truth.


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  3. Ammon,
    The day I heard about the SEALS I felt absolutely sick. I sat there crying because all I could think of was how many had died and what their families were going through, and for what? These men died defending our way of life and trying to make the world a better place and I would never belittle their sacrifice but I question the reason that it was necessary. Maybe I'm too simplistic in my outlook but I can't think of a damn thing that we need in Afghanistan! You can not have a battle of wits with unarmed individuals and stupid can't be fixed! I know that I'm casting a steriotypical stone at all people of that geographic area but after my time spent in Iraq, I still feel like it was such a waste and not worth the lives that have been lost or changed forever. I'd be less than honest if I didn't say that I've developed a predjudice against certain people of a certain faith. Okay! I hate them and I don't trust them and I don't like to be around them! They make me uncomfortable. I've tried to not lump them all together in the same basket but when you hear about men and women who are killed just because they are trying to make that part of the world better, it just pissses me off more! Sorry about getting my rant on. Special Forces is a special breed and they deserve better than being shot down in some third world toilet hole.

    I can only hope that there is some happier place for them and may their families one day find some peace. My love to all of you! You are all special to me.

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  4. RIP brothers.

    Although I agree in general concept of our soldiers being killed in a third world toilet. Don't you think that those guys went living their dream. SEALs only become SEALs because they want to. Most have wanted it from childhood. Most of the guys I have known have re-enlisted multiple times to keep doing the job. They knew the risk and revel in it!

    I grieve for the loss of their lives. But my heart aches for their families, friends, and the country. The fact that it is going to take a generation to replace them...Jesus
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  5. Had the honor to know but one. Finer men are difficult to find. I make no bones about it, I hate all wars, declared or not. Vietnam was enough to convince me that all wars are wrong. I think we are in our current wars, like Viet Nam, for all the wrong reasons. Yes, go after Bin Laden for 911, but why the hell are we shooting and bombing ignorant hill people who probably never heard of Bin Laden until we got there. Why Iraq? Why?

    Yes, you get attacked by a whole country, you have to defend yourself. Sorry, but I just feel that we are expending some of our best and brightest, only to make a bunch of contractors and thus congressmen rich.

  6. My best buddy Gunny Bohr was a vet of Grenada and served with me in Africa. He saved my life there when a grenade blew up in my face and he drug me to safety. He lost his life in the invasion of Iraq when his platoon was hit hard and he rushed to the front lines to give guys medical aid and then held off attacking forces single handed... he was a great Force Recon Marine and I will always miss him. Why war in general...I've lost so many good friends and for what! I think we need to focus on the countries we live in and the problems we're facing. The economy is in a world wide toilet...they are saying that a good 90% of the Vets coming back from Iraq will suffer from PTSD...basically the world is a mess. And they "just" figured out there is Al-qeada in Africa...shit, we knew that back in 1992!!! Who do you think was supplying them with the AK's and RPG's? Give me a break, not all of us are idiots out here!

    Staff Sergeant Ammon Jay Cornwell 1st Force Recon Co. USMC
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  7. Just glad to be home.
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  8. Welcome home, Acumen. Glad your O.K. Pull up a chair and join right in. And Sgt Cornwell, I missed this thread and didn't wish you a welcome home as well.

    Take Care,

  9. Two quotes come to mind:

    Sherman - 'War is Hell' and

    MacArthur - ' There is no point in fighting a war unless the outcome is a victory'. Paraphrasing here.

    Soldiers do their job, to follow orders. We pay a price but we both know and understand that; it's what makes what we do honorable. Honorable not in the sense of whether the war is right or wrong or all the political bs stuff, but honorable because we will risk and even give our lives for our comrades. Not many other groups with the exception of Police and Firemen will do the same. To serve is an honor.

    JarHed - not as lean, still as mean, always a Marine.

    Semper Fi
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  10. I worked special ops. Yes, it's a crazy bunch, especially the Seals. I think you have to be certifiably insane to be a Seal but I respect them. Some Green Berets were that way too. I was proud to work with them.

    But when they showed the National Geographic special on the UBL raid, there was something in it that triggered a chain reaction. An image of a guy in a stretcher was there somewhere. It was straight out of a memory I had sometime in the past and it was just for an instant. I just started crying like a damn baby and turned it off.

    The original Group 1 Seal teams that were first sent to Vietnam were almost decimated. But as they say, pay backs are hell. The first requirement made by the Noth Vietnamese team sent to the peace talks was that the cross border operations be stopped. We could tell we were hurting them.
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  11. The only reason they called us "special ops" was it was in Cambodia and Laos! (You didn't hear me say that, never been there). BUT! My credentials did allow me to join the Air Commandos, some of the ballsiest people I know. These guys weren't special forces, or CIA, no spook shit. the ACA's claim to fame was, "you want it where? When?...Done! Didn't matter that the plane wasn't supposed to do it, they did it.

    Didn't matter if it was behind enemy lines, we did it quick and got the hell out. The whole thing with Puff, the AC-47 was created by the ACA guys. They're the ones that came up with the concept of side-firing close air support. Started with a B-26 and a .50 cal.

    It always burned my ass when you'd hear some guy say he special forces, when it was obvious the guy never wore a uniform. That's why it pissed me off so much when they struck down the Stolen Valor Act. It was the only tool to fight back against the fakers.

    Naw, I wasn't good enough to be special forces, But it sure didn't bother me to bust my butt for those guys. Would do it again without a second thought.

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  12. There's another bunch -- the Air Commandos. I was attached to them for rescue for a while before they gave me other duty. One of those crazies actually landed his Sandie on a clearing, got the downed pilot in the jump seat and took off with rounds going off everywhere. We could not land a Jollie Green because it was so hot. Again, certifiably insane.
  13. I sort of think that being crazy is part of the membership requirements. There was a time there when we thought the Assoc. might fall apart. The WWII guys were trying to run it and they were up in their eighties. It would have been a great loss to us all. But one of the present day SOS outfits jumped in and with the young folks running it, we get a shiny magazine with great stories each month.

    These men and women of the new SOS units are just incredible. FACs, Parameds, Talons, you name it.

    Hats off to them.

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  14. Sarg,

    It has changed so much I cannot even relate to it. And qualifying for PJ is a monumental task these days. I swear they looked the other way half the time when I went through training. And they were just beginning the stuff they do nowadays. CCT teams began in 'Nam, Laos, Cambodia. My "pipeline" training was whatever some REMF decided I needed. Now it seems pretty slick.

    I read where the training alone is enough to give you PTSD.
  15. And I'll bet your Dad said not to volunteer for anything! Hee, hee! They's say "hey we want you to go out and do something stupid and crazy"! And that little old right hand would start the way towards the ceiling....

    Naw, you're right, tho'. The one's they're turning out these days are all business. And damn good at it. Still, this old fart misses the crazy stupid days. It's the "ass deep in alligators" moments I can live without.

  16. Having never been a SPECOPS person I can't relate.
    At my size, I would be one of the world's biggest targets on a :sneaky:snoop 'n' poop mission:sneaky:
  17. Mohammed Farah Aideed was a SCUMBAG....Good riddance to him and his buddies. I hope the multinational naval force gets his pirate pals.
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  18. I completely agree. 4 combat tours to the ME over 11 years and I've learned that some people were not meant to live in domocracy. That is why they always end up with a dictator after a few months or a year. They have to be lead and ruled with an iron fist or you get chaos and anarchy. Most Americans have no idea how different the Islamic Arab world is from idea. One of the tours I spent 365 days inbedded with Iraqi armed forces and it was ...I can't even describe it. I do hate them, don't trust them and don't want to be around them...that is just the facts!
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  19. The Middle East is a "very unusual" section of this world... to say the least. Like you, I have no desire whatsoever to revisit that place.
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  20. "very unusual"...that is one way to say it...I prefer the term "Fucked up"...but that is just me. :D

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