Combat Veterans with PTSD Only!

My Combat PTSD is for combat veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) only, not that you served in the military and have PTSD, but you physically deployed to a combat zone itself and were either land or sea based (in direct naval or air support), and you have PTSD as a direct result of your combat service. No exceptions! This community IS NOT for spouses, family or friends of veterans. Spouses, family and friends can find support at

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Increasing Veterans Administration Service Connected Disabilty Rating

Discussion in 'Entitlements' started by raydarluvr, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. The only down side of the natural way is the twice daily Tabasco enemas. Oooooh it burrrrrrnssss!!!

    But Angle is right. I keep sane for the most part and am much healthier at 44 than I was at 34. Lost 40 kilos with this route. It is a stroke of luck that the commie bastards here wouldn't help me for love or money.

    If because of injuries you can't do the weight lifting thing. I can recommend swimming. Low impact and relaxing at the same time. And its nice to go swimmin with bow legged woman and swim between their legs. Oh err, sorry. Could not resist.

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  2. The problem with having PTSD is that we're impulsive. It's part of the territory and super hard to control at times. I had real problems when I first got back; police, jail, hurting people, ect. I used to think as I got older and 'more in control' that it would get better. NOT.

    Haven't been arrested lately, :rolleyes: errr, but it's still like a second away from ripping someones throat out at times. Some things do help, those things that strengthen the logical areas of our brain and thought processes. But it's a bit scary sometimes, for me, the thought of getting thrown in jail would not be good. Having to deal with the VA brings out the best in all of us. That's just so fucking sad.
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  3. Hmmm and legal now in Colorado lol....
  4. No was not talking about that way. Lol.

    But yeah, perhaps sticking a million people in jail for dime bags was not so cost effective.

  5. Jar -- you have this disorder down to a "tee". We have been re-wired by our combat experiences. :notworthy: My sincere "hats off" to those of us who can "put a lid on these" impulses :notworthy:... you are living proof that it can be done! To those of us who can't I offer my empathy and encouragement to get professional help. Life is way too short to have it :cry: dominated by "the beast".:cry:
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  6. Thanks! I feel like I'm at the Emmy's; I'd like to thank my wife for being the most understanding person on the planet, to everyone here for all your help and support and of course to my Psychologist, without who's help I'd still be looking down the barrel of a gun.

    I joke, it's my way, but what I've said is all true as well. It ain't easy, I just try to work at it daily. And like everyone, some days are better than others. Gotta' make the best use of the time I've got left.
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  7. Jar -- we are of the same generation. The clock is ticking...:unsure:
  8. Naw, Tim, one can keep this crap clamped down, I did it for a very long time without hurting anyone or otherwise getting arrested. But there's a huge catch. It eats you from the inside out. It pressure cooks and seeps into every pore of your existence.

    Finally, when youth has fled, it floods out and you're left with ...what? A mess.

    Still diggin' out here, boss!

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  9. And a ton of grey hair as well. Trust me I know.
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  10. Grey hair, oh boy. you got that right Red
  11. I think we were once refered to as the mind-less generation. Pretty soon we'll be the mind-LOSS generation. :ROFLMAO:
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  12. I have been fighting the VA for the the last 8 Month's to get more benefits. I have been going through the DAV. My counselor at the VA gave me a GAF score of a 41. I am currently at 30% Disability. 10% for PTSD and 20% for a back injury due to combat ops in Baghdad. I have a friend whose GAF score is a 51 and he is getting 90%. This irritated me beyond belief. I recently found out that I surpressed memories and through the counseling these memories have surfaced. It was explained to me that I had expierienced concusions and shell shock. This makes me feel like I have rocks bouncing around in my head. I am trying to be patient like everybody say's to. I am angry and very bitter and have become more reclusive. Shades are drawn house is dark and my TV is turned down.
  13. Hey 19DAW

    I'm sorry to hear of you situation. At this point in time the VA backlog is years. The DAV are great advocates, I've used them myself. If I might suggest, seek out some additional counseling though a VA Vet Center if you have one near you. They can be more user friendly and possibly more helpful. I can understand why you feel angry and bitter. I wish I had some better news for ya'. It's hard to be patient about these things. If you're able to try to focus on where you want to be and not where you presently are. There's just no way to make things go any faster, I wish there were too. Keep record of everything you do in relation to your case, it will be vital in the future if you need to appeal or get another rating.

    Also, Welcome to the forums. Lots of good people, and a ton of information. If you have any questions, just ask and someone will be there to help.

  14. Dawg, did you get your med records when you got out? Hang onto those like the crown jewels. Since your already in the system, I wouldn't recommend getting a copy of your "C" file. That file contains the documents in which the rater made his decision, if they failed to consider submitted med records and denied your claim, you can request a face to face with a rating officer. But do send for them if they deny you.

    Getting tired will write more later.

  15. I am just flooding the VA with paperwork. And I do have a VA clinic that is local to my area. My Counselor their is pretty good. I feel like I have balance when I talk to her. the DAV is at the same location so its convient. Its not so much the money although its nice. Its more about the medical and emotional benefits. I want to get to point where I can go to sleep and wake up with out my ear's ringing from the explosions in my dreams. I want my emotional quality of life to improve.
  16. I do have all my medical records and they have not denied me as of yet. I am still in the holding patern. the Guy's at the DAV say that because I have a Combat Action Ribbon and a CIB that it will be hard for them to justify a denial. I keep flooding them with Evidence of both my medical and emotional conditions. Thank you for your advice. I did not know that I request a face to face. Much appreciation!!!!
  17. Good! The combat awards are a big plus. Maybe don't flood them with too much, they confuse easily. Try to condense the strongest evidence and supply them with that. Yes, DAV is your service org. but your claim is 100% yours. Take ownership of it and know who's doing what.

    Welcome back, Dawg. Glad you made it back in one "relative" piece.

  18. Hey Dawg,

    That's a good goal to shoot for. It can happen over time. It will always be a struggle with the VA, it's a hard thing to accept but it's best for you if you can. Keep organized and on top of things. But I'd also suggest not 'dealing' with it on a daily basis unless you need to. You don't want it to consume your life, which it can. You want the focus of you life to be about you and what you want for your future.

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  19. To further what Jar said...don't try to take the beast head on. You'll lose. Just makes you tired and him pissed. Around here we call it baby steps or one foot in front of the other. There's a way to finesse him but as Jar said it takes time. Your beast is entirely different than mine and takes a different technique.