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Increasing Veterans Administration Service Connected Disabilty Rating

Discussion in 'Entitlements' started by raydarluvr, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Increasing Veterans Administration Service Connected Disabilty Rating

    Brothers and Sisters,
    I have been taken out of work by my doctor since the end of September. I am trying to get my disability rating upgraded to 100% with unemployability since I can no longer work and support my family. I'm supposed to fill out the VA form 21-4138 "Statement in Support of Claim" to be considered to increase of benefits. What I want to know is what am I supposed to write on the form. Have any of you been successful with upgrading you disability ratings? How did you do it.

    ANY input is welcome.
    Thanks In Advance,
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  2. Increasing Veterans Administration Service Connected Disabilty Rating

    Update~I was granted Social Security Disability on the first go. A feat rarely heard of. Most go through many appeals before getting anything... or nothing.
    I finally dropped paper on the VA to upgrade my SCD from 80% to 100% with unemployability. We're waiting on the 30 day letter.
    We got a lawyer to handle the Civil Service Disabiity Retirement. He was very optimistic. This will take some as it has to go through some of deepest bowels of OPM and back.
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  3. Nice... good stuff mate. I hate seeing the political red tape with veterans and entitlements... I think its disgusting off Governments the crap they pull.
  4. Jeff great news on the SSI, they have been putting Wounded Warriors on the same list as someone that is dying. So you would be put on the top of the list. I never went for IU but spent nearly 3 years getting my VA rating to 100% T&P. I also recently got my Army Medical Retirement, TDRL so collecting all three. Keep up the good fight with the VA.

  5. I was originally at 40% from the VA and later increased to 60% with help from the DAV. I've thought about trying again for an increase but the stress of it keeps me from doing it. Great to hear about your SSI.
  6. Here's an update... My Civil Service Disability was finally approved. It won't be a chunk of money, but it will pay for extra health benefits for the family with a little left over. Now, I'm just waiting on the Veteran's Administration to approve my upgrade to 100% with UI.

    Yea, me!
  7. I am still in the processwith both and I cant work with out doctors release.I live off 20% from the VA and my fiances college money since july 5. I lost my job because of the VA and no body wants to hire someone with a mental disability. I also have to get welfair which is demoralizing since I have worked since I was 16. The only good thing is that I work so many hours for good pay that my SSI is about 1800$ plus 800$ for my children. And VA when it comes threw could be about 2600$so all will be good if it comes through. It will be tight for a while but will make it. Unemployment won't give me my benifits without dr release. Still trying to think positive. TEX
  8. The VA........ I just gave up on them at one point. Got my initial rating after I got out. Was wounded a couple of times in Nam. Pretty badly the second time. They just treated me like horseshit.

    After like 40 years I went back. I used the DAV as an advocate for some medical issues I was having. Was tested for PTSD, that's when I found out part of why my life is shit. Got a bit more. Still can't work and put in for 'unemployability', still waiting. I was 70% combined before and got 70% just for PTSD. Now I'm at 90%. You'd think they'd just understand what the situation is and rate me at 100%. Got some kind of convoluted formula for figuring out this stuff.

    I owe thousands for medical care that I'll be paying for the rest of my life. Just want to be done with the VA already. It just never seems to end. There's always and I mean always another hurdle to jump or piece of paper work crap to fill out. I'll probably be dead before I see another penny.

    Like a lot of vets, I just fell through the cracks in the system and no body gave a shit. Now I just try to avoid people because that killer feeling just courses through my veins. I wish I could work, wouldn't last an hour. After a lifetime of busting my ass to make money for other people, I just get tossed in the garbage heap because I'm 'too old'. Nice country I live in.
  9. 1970. Got a whole 10% VA disability for "nervousness" (what ever the hell that is). Then began a battle that lasted 30 years before I was rated right. 30 freaking years of bullshit and every dirty trick in the book. Been 70% PTSD and 100% IU for almost twelve years now. Detest the VA.

    Ray, if you have technical questions about your claim with the VA, you can go to and there's a bunch of very sharp folks there that could help. Good luck.

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  10. Hey Sarg

    I was checking out that site you posted. Lots of great info. Sometimes I feel like you literally have to kill someone for them to sit up and take notice. Not a good choice, although..........
  11. No, Jarhead. They're federal workers. They do what they want when they want to do it. I've railed against this system for forty years. You're just beating your head against a brick wall. Nothing changes, or if it does, it's for the worse. That's why I've given up, I've got private med. Drs, private shrinks and therapyists. I know that I am very fortunate to be able to say that, many can't.

    But it's their system and the only one's that win are them.

  12. Although Stallone was a cock in some movies, I think he hit the nail on the head in Rambo First Blood.
    They do forget about us veterans and then because of who we were and how we look (depression), people give us a rough time. Sylvester even portrayed that disassociated look on his face, that blank void look.

    But in the end, as he said, some people just keep pushing (they drew first blood)

    Well that's how I feel sometimes. I would not throw a rock at a chopper, or set up punji pits, but you get the picture.
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  13. Hey Sarg

    Yeah, I know what you're sayin'. You are fortunate that you don't have to deal with them. I'm just not that lucky and have to. I really don't have much of any other kind of choice. Guess I'll be fightin' till I die doing so, not much of a choice. I just truly want to forget about it all. It's like I'm in a room where I can't get out and water is coming in, I'll be there till I sink or swim. I don't know any other way. It just really makes everything so much harder.

    When all I want is a little piece of mind. Some time, just a little, when I don't have to think about what plagues me, or have to write this one or that, or send records here or there or have to see some one and explain it all again for the 150th. time. I'm just f**kin' sick of it all. I hate being in this kind of pain, it just never seems like it's ever gonna' end or at least subside for a little while so I can just take a breath and sigh a relaxed breath.

    I really don't think I can last very much longer like I'm going, don't know what that means but I'll reach a point where I just throw up my arm in disgust and say f**k it and explode. It won't really matter, just another one of those 'crazy vets', who needs them anyway. One less for the VA and Gov't to deal with.
  14. Jarhead,

    Check the phone book and find out if they have a Vet Center in your area. The Vet Center people are about as far from the VA as you can get. They care, they're good councilors and I really benefited from going to group sessions. I recommend them highly.

  15. Hey Sarg

    I'll check that out, it's worth a try. Thanks for the advise.

  16. Very disgusted with the VA right now also. They keep finding all these thing wrong with me in QTC appointments which keeps prolonging the inevitable. SSI still hasn't came through either. They sent me a letter saying I was denied but I couldn't work around co-workers, the general public, nothing of complicated nature, and no heavy lifting. They also said with the amount of colledge I have I should be able to work. I have pre-requisets I never even made to to an A.S. degree in general studies math, english, the bullshit classes. I had to drink just to stay there that long. The great thing is I had to go to special ED and have speccial tutors they even gave me a special computor that I talked to do to the loss of partial use of right hand. I couldn't focus or stand the people this coming from a fairly decent student in school before combat. Every time a QTC doc finds something it just strectches it out farther. The VA scheduled an appointment for my endoscopy then cancelled 2 days prior saying they didn't have a doc to perform the proceedure. I have been fighting the VA with my intestinal problems since I got out. they never did anything except say it was psyco sematic to my PTSD. My brother in law was in the first gulf war and stayed in the full 20 after the war he had the same stomach problems I never new about this till resent. On active duty they finally found that he brought home a paresite and suffer for a couple of years before they looked at that. Now they are saying thar this may be an option for me since 93-94. I called to reschedule like the letter said 4 times since last week and the nurse they said to call at the extencion has not returned any calls I stared calling last monday. I know how to get all the attention I need it is to check in to three south the looney bin. Had a 5 week stint in there do to there mess up with meds that sent me to a really bad place but while there they gave me treatment for everything that they could and I came before outpatients. I am 80% now and they still keep thowing me away. I am contimplating trying to contact a state rep or congressman. They would probably thow me away to though. 38 years old can't work because the VA and meds cant get SSI yet labeled so crazy that the federal government says I shouldn't work around co-workers. I am so lost right now I am damned if I do and damed if I don't. The worst part is everything is repode and whats not is pawned and I still have been beet down to so small of a man I can't even support my family without wellfare. I don't think they can prescibe a anti depressant to fix that. Counciling and meds and all the VA and SSI is doing is counteracting everything they are suposed to help me fix. Life is just shit right now so doing a little whinning. TEX
  17. Hey Willis

    Sorry to hear of your problems with the VA. It's an unfortunate thing that the group that's supposed to be taking care of us is worse than the enemy we faced. Anyway, check out the DAV or one of the service organizatons. They can be a great help to run interference for you. The deal with this stuff on a daily basis and know more about how to get stuff done. Hang in there brother, it's, unfortunately, a long road. But it can have a good outcome if you can stay with it long enough. I think they, the VA, and other groups like them count on the frustration factor and that a lot of guys will just say f it after a while. Don't, you deserve this stuff. It's a long and bumpy ass road, so hang on to your hat. Just don't give up. Don't give them the satisfaction. Good Luck and Best Wishes.

  18. I tried the VA. I was discharged from a VA hospital. That sucked hard. Woke up in one and knew it was over at that point.
    The VA has a very special way of letting you know you are worthless and that the workers are better than you.(even thought most are shit) God help anyone who gets upset or complains.
    I have seen the evil and complete lack of caring. No meds for days no pain killers as its more important for the "nurse" to have them. Lack of proper food, mold, broken and seriously messed up rooms -broken toilets, rats, roaches...
    So I tried about 7 years ago to go back to them. I got inside the front door. Same smells...the same attitude. Wait over there and fill this out ... I think I was inside about 15 minutes. I maxed out and had to go. Cant go back. Wont go back. Dont care if I have to live in a cardboard box and eat rats I wont go back. f*ck the VA!
  19. Funny thought. I think I might have PTSD from being in a VA hospital. That is funny. Might even make for a good submission for VA benifits. (not that I am considering it) Just a passing but funny thought.
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  20. You laugh, Red but that very thing was a big thread on another website I go to. The quote was "if you don't have PTSD before you go to the VA, you will after"...HA!

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