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My Combat PTSD is for combat veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) only, not that you served in the military and have PTSD, but you physically deployed to a combat zone itself and were either land or sea based (in direct naval or air support), and you have PTSD as a direct result of your combat service. No exceptions! This community IS NOT for spouses, family or friends of veterans. Spouses, family and friends can find support at

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I Wish I Could Get A Break

Discussion in 'Stand At The Bar' started by Jimmy, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. I suppose the nature of this disorder is just plain nasty.

    At present everything is going awesome in my life.
    I have found a beautiful woman who loves me for me, PTSD and all.
    I have given up smoking.
    I am going to the gym regularly and am feeling good.
    I am eating healthy and staying of the illegal things that were once in my life.

    So I am trying my hardest to do everything right and yet I wake up this morning and everything has gone out of shape.
    Everyone I drove past on my way to drop the boy off at school, were doing something wrong. He even copped a blast for no reason (which I hate myself for).
    I just want a break from it all. Its driving me insane.
    I know it has been building for a little while, but I have been using all my skills I learnt on the PTSD course to battle with it. You know the power of the mind, but it just has gone out of control today.

    Just having an outburst
  2. Hey Jimmy, you are a good man with tremendous insight and generosity. I'm glad you posted and hopefully that got rid of some of the negative feelings. We know the bad times come along and turn things upside down. You have achieved so much by your statements above. It's great you have a beautiful woman who loves you. Be kind to yourself and know you're loved and supported whatever! xx
  3. Vent away Jimmy....without the bad days the good days hold no value ;)