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Dog With Anxiety Disorder

Discussion in 'Stand At The Bar' started by Jimmy, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Jimmy

    Jimmy Established Member

    LMAO. I took our 8 year old dog to the vet's yesterday. Every time there is a loud noise, like a cap gun, a whistle, or thunderstorm etc, she goes spastic.

    The vet told me she is a geriatric dog being 8 years and over and that she suffers from and anxiety disorder. She grinds her teeth, and get this, they are prescribing her Xanax. hahahahaha
  2. Ned

    Ned Established Member

    Damn, they've got aminals sorted, how come we're a problem?
  3. JarHed

    JarHed Established Member Staff Member Moderator

    My dogs don't like loud noises either, fireworks or thunderstorms make them very jumpy. I think they just get nervous 'cause they don't know where the noise is coming from. We have something we give them called HP Anxiety TFLN that you can get online. It's a homeopathic remedy that seems to work well. They get a few drops in their mouth and in a little while they aren't as jumpy.

    Sometimes when one reacts a certain way the other ones learn from it and react the same. They're a lot like people in that respect.

  4. Anglesachse

    Anglesachse Established Member

    I got 2 jack russell`s, the youngest is 8 saved from a life in the pound, any really load noise and he rolls over and pisses every where. And I never made a connection to any medical conditions we could have. You can tell he got beaten as a pup, but hell, I have a mop, and just don`t make any load noises.
  5. Jimmy

    Jimmy Established Member

    Yeah, well Shan was saved from the RSPCA. She has always taken off at loud noises. But the vet reckons she can sense my Anxiety.
    I suppose that is why they have Service Dogs for people like us.
  6. Sludge

    Sludge Established Member

    My first dog was dumped at the pound because of his anxiety disorders. And that is why I argued, Squid-style, with the moron working there. Needless to say after seven years here with me, he really is my best friend. Yes, we hide together in the basement together during the damned Offutt AFB air show. sad part is, he gets better meds than I do.

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