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Anxiety, Agitation And Stress Vs Anger

Discussion in 'Therapy / Medications' started by Jimmy, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Jimmy

    Jimmy Established Member

    It was my 3 monthly visit with my psychiatrist today. I am fortunate having him as he heads the PTSD unit here in town.

    We were having a discussion about how on edge I am trying to sell my car, having the wedding coming up, and just having had two lots of surgery in 8 weeks. I was telling him how Margaret let me know that she thought I was going to bite her head off the other night. I was not angry, I was just highly agitated and a fair bit stressed. My cup runith over, almost.

    Anyway, he was saying that someone who is stressed and anxious gets really agitated. They appear as though they are angry and want to snap your head off when really they are not. He said its a fine line.
    The only real way to tell is in the defusing of the situation, then again, it works the same for both situations. Deep breathing and a count to 20 slowly. But usually someone who is angry will go and blow their stack somewhere, where and anxious stressed person wants to run and hide.

    What do you guys think???
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  2. Docrobert82

    Docrobert82 Active Member

    I think it is a fine line and sometimes you get pushed over it. There are plenty of times when I get stressed and anxious when I do want to run and hide, sometimes something will push me over the edge and I lose my cool.
  3. Anglesachse

    Anglesachse Established Member

    Yeah its about right Jimmy mate. But like most things, it never rains it pours. and its allways that last drop that over fills the barrel. Causing us to explode, where we were about to calm down. Sods law mate.
  4. combatgoldfish

    combatgoldfish Established Member

    I honest don't think I have anxiety, agitation, and or stress without anger or anger without anxiety, agitation, or stress.
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  5. Jimmy

    Jimmy Established Member

    That is the fine line I am talking about.

    If I end up in a crowded place and feel trapped, I get agitated, anxious and stressed. To a passer by it looks like I am getting angry when all I want is to find a safe place. If I make it to an exit and manage to walk away, I will calm down.

    However, lets put me in the same place no crowd, minding my business, quite happy then someone gets in my face. Directing me away from that person won't calm me, I will be furious and want to return to the fight.

    Do you see the difference. And as Angle was referring to, if we are in that agitated and anxious state, and then someone pushes us, we will automatically turn everything into anger. Like we have been taught, when we are trapped, hit the after burner. Everything usually reverts back to the stress cup. That is why some days at home when we have too much sensory input, we can just go from stressed to anger and snap at our loved ones.

    Cognitive therapy teaches us to understand these feelings and change the output. It takes an aweful lot of therapy though.
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  6. JennyMac

    JennyMac Established Member

    Wow, you hit it on the head there Jimmy. Each day I read more and more, and each day I understand a little more. I don't quite understand why I go from absolutely nothing to standing on that line of flattening someones face or choking them...couple that with (what they tell me is) clinical depression, lack of knowledge and understanding on my own part, and meds that have not quite kicked in yet...I don't leave my house except for bike rides through the woods, and shopping with the hubby (he makes sure I keep my hands in my pockets when I am feeling "stabby")...I don't drive much, and now after what you said I understand my reaction in crowds and for that matter traffic. Thank you :)
  7. Jimmy

    Jimmy Established Member

    Your welcome, thats what its all about.
  8. Anglesachse

    Anglesachse Established Member

    That is still something my misses has problems with, Her telling me to calm down, grabing my arm and pulling me away just escalates the problem. Probably more so then if I was to just smack the idiot and get it over and done with.

    But then that would mean Cops, Court, and with my record most probably Nick. So she manages to take me out of the situation, and cops all the aggression herself. And it generaly takes longer for me to calm down, because I haven`t been able to release the stress in the explosion of assault.

    Those are the real bum days. She does so much to help me, but still sits on the front line and cops a hail of shrapnel regulary.

    Those are probably the days I hate myself the most.
  9. Jimmy

    Jimmy Established Member

    My psych said to use military training. Weigh up the situation like a battle. If its going to cause too much collateral damage, walk away. If you catch him in the carpark. Let a few go then pop smoke and run
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